Clyde’s Corner | January 2024

Welcome to Clyde’s Corner 

Happy February! Our first full month is in the books. What a whirlwind time we are having.  We are so lucky to have such a wonderful team, who is committed and excited about each and every day.  Thank you all so much.

How Are All Of You Doing?

Please let us know if you need anything, have any ideas or concerns. Please feel free to talk to any of the admin, we are always here for you.

Let’s Get to Know Each Other!

There will be a box/tub on the staff break table and a stack of cards for you to write down 3 things we do not know about you. Then we will draw one card a week and do a “who is this” on Group me.  If someone guesses you, please let us know. Then if anyone wants to ask questions about what someone wrote down they will ask you to explain. For example: someone writes down that they 1. Own a ferret  2. Has a belly piercing  3. Has climbed Mt. Everest. Once someone guesses who wrote these then someone can ask a question like, “when did you climb MT. Everest?” If you have any questions please ask anyone on the admin team.

A few reminders:

  1. Valentines Day Classroom Parties will be happing on Wednesday February 14th! From 11:00 am to 12:00 pm. Parents will be encouraged to attend!💖
  2. Handwashing – Please make sure to continue to wash hand with the kiddos all throughout the day. This helps reduce the spread of germs and keeps everyone healthy.
  3. Great news!!!  We will begin to roll out our extracurriculars this month.
  4. FINALLY!! Rowdy roosters is opening on the 12th and WELCOME Ms. Jenny who will be starting on Feb. 5th and will be teaching Rowdy Roosters 🐓
  5. The Speech therapy screenings will be on Feb. 9th with Natalie
  6. Gemini and Beth will be working together and completing Teacher Observations on Feb. 9th. Going forward, Gemini will be completing observations regularly in the classrooms looking for and adding support with FrogStreet and CD!
  7. Along with wearing The Big Red Barn shirts Monday through Thursday you may also wear Faith based shirts. 🙏😇
  8. Parent Teacher Conferences will be held on Sunday March 24th, time is still TBD.

Upcoming Birthdays!

Ms. Dom | February 23🎂

Staff Updates!

Please Welcome Ms. Jayna as our Infant / Toddler Assistant Lead Float


Ms. Cheryl as our Infant / Toddler Lunch Assist

And Ms. Jenny as our Pre-K Lead Teacher

to The Big Red Barn Family!



Clyde’s Corner Tidbit

The Seven B’s of Effective Communication with Families:

1) Be Interested               2) Be Respectful

3) Be a Good Listener       4) Be Creative   

5) Be Humble                   6) Be Inviting   

7) Be Positive