WHAT WE   believe

At The Big Red Barn, we believe in letting children be children. We let our kids learn, explore and discover on their own accord — letting them get dirty, make mistakes, learn by doing, and build the foundations of their future success in a holistic fashion.

Instead of sitting our kids down in a classroom and teaching out of a book, we believe in a more dynamic, responsive and fun method of teaching. When preschool is somewhere a child is excited to be, true learning and the makings of lifelong success are sure to follow!

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OUR   curriculum

Here at The Big Red Barn, we incorporate Frog Street Curriculum, which focuses on the whole child and incorporates strategies from Dr. Becky A Bailey’s Conscious Discipline. We understand that a child's needs grow and change, each at their own pace, and this is why we chose Frog Street. The way in which the curriculum builds upon previously mastered skills in a continuous, stimulating way is something we value as instructors, and one we think you'll appreciate as a parent. Conscious Discipline also adds a home-like feel to not only to our curriculum, but to our Early Learning Center as a whole.

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THE BIG RED BARN   difference

Here at The Big Red Barn, we believe an intimate preschool environment helps children succeed. As a smaller, family-owned and operated Early Learning Center, we have a total of four classrooms, none of which ever exceed 13 children. By having fewer classrooms, children transition between settings less often and are able to form deeper, more meaningful, and longer-lasting relationships with their caregivers.

Due to our smaller class sizes, our teachers are able to work one-on-one with every child in our care. We take pride in our lower-than-average student-to-teacher ratios, and place a high priority on giving our teachers the support they need both in the classroom and out. This not only sets our teachers up for success, but in turn helps your children succeed as well. We set up The Big Red Barn in a methodical, deliberate way to offer your children a more immersive and individualized preschool experience.

Who we are at the Big Red Barn

After eight years of hands-on experience in the preschool industry, I, Ashley Bouchard, founded The Big Red Barn in 2022 to promote self-guided exploration as a key factor in Early Childhood Education. Here at The Big Red Barn, we set ourselves apart from other Early Learning Centers by focusing on allowing children to explore their world through firsthand experiences. We believe it's critical that all children find a love for play and exploration while being surrounded by loving, nurturing teachers who feel like an extension of your family.

Growing up in a large family, I saw the importance of community in raising a child. Finding a core community can be hard, and I know how difficult it is to be done alone.

But I am here to make it easy.

I put a high priority on creating meaningful bonds, not just with every child in our care, but with all of their family members as well. We, family members and teachers alike, are here to support and encourage each other while celebrating the greatest gift that God has given us — our children.

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OUR   programs

AGES 6 WKS. — 18 MOS.

It's here where we plant the seeds of success and build the strong foundations of your child's future. We work tirelessly to win the trust of our children and their parents alike, and to cultivate an environment of frequent, open communication as your child takes their first steps into the world. learn more »

AGES 18 MOS. — 36 MOS.

With their seeds planted, it's time for them to begin growing their roots and solidify those strong foundations. Through fostering healthy relationships and boundless creativity, we will help your toddler develop into the best possible versions of themselves. learn more »

AGES 3 YRS. — 4 YRS.

With their roots in place, it's finally time for them to bloom! Your child will build upon all they've learned so far and begin learning the essentials of reading, writing and math, all while learning good habits and growing into their blossoming personality! learn more »

AGES 4 YRS. — 6 YRS.

In Pre-K, your child will focus on the tenants of Kindergarten Readiness. As their Big Red Barn journey comes to an end, your child will expand upon their math and literacy skills, begin learning their science and social studies, and gain valuable experience in open-ended decision making!  learn more »


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