Part-Time Care

part-time care

The Big Red Barn is proud to offer part time daycare and part time preschool in Lakewood, CO! We understand that every family is on a different schedule and that every child's daily needs are unique, and we are more than happy to accommodate every family as best we can. We invite you to learn more about our part time daycare programs by reading up on our Academy and part time care policies below!

Why Choose The Big Red Barn?

At The Big Red Barn, we believe in letting children be children. It's our goal to give your child a well-rounded and holistic education, while letting them explore and learn on their own terms — with plenty of play, active engagement, and getting dirty! It's our belief that early childhood learning is at its best and most effective when school is somewhere a child wants to be, and so we've crafted our curriculum to maximize both learning and your child's enjoyment.

What You Can Expect From the Barn!

let's get messy!

Children learn by doing, and so we encourage children to do just that at every opportunity! Play and investigation is at the heart of curiosity and learning in our little ones, and our job as educators and caregivers is to guide that investigative spirit in the right direction.

Whether it's finger painting or playing in the mud, we feel that a hands-on approach to learning is the most fulfilling for young kids!

a home-like feel

Being apart from your parents can be a scary thing when you're a young kid, and a new environment can exacerbate that. That's why it's a top priority to establish a very familiar and home-like feel for your child, starting the first day of their arrival!

Our teachers and caregivers know how valuable a 'home away from home' feel and atmosphere is. We work hard to build that atmosphere every day, through warm and friendly classrooms and nurseries, by forming strong bonds with our kiddos, and much more!

a rich learning experience

From our curriculum, known as FrogStreet, to our Academy's lower-than-average student-to-teacher ratios, we live to provide a rich learning experience for your child!

It all starts with our caregivers, who are not only very passionate about Early Childhood Education, but also have a much better ability to bond with and work one-on-one with your child! Our student-teacher ratio never exceeds 4 to 1. We also provide extracurriculars to further enrich your child's education, among many other perks!

Part Time Daycare at The Big Red Barn

If you're looking for part time daycare for your child in Lakewood, we'd love to be your daycare or preschool provider! We ask that you keep the following things in mind while considering us as your part time daycare provider:

  • We currently provide two part time schedules: A Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule, and a Tuesday-Thursday schedule. If either of those schedules work for you and your child, you may opt to be placed into either schedule, in which case we will select the schedule that best fits with our current availability.
  • We do not allow parents to opt for "half days." While you may pick your child up any time you'd like, we will still charge for a full day of care no matter how long your child spent at our Academy on a given day.
    • At The Big Red Barn, any given day in our care constitutes a full day of learning and activities for your child. Removing them from our care early, we feel, lets them miss out on critical learning and curriculum that help them build toward their development milestones — and should only be done when necessary, not routinely. Attending full days of care helps keep your child on track and on pace with their peers.
  • Unfortunately, we have very little flexibility for customized schedules on a per-child basis.

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We'd love to see your child join us here at The Big Red Barn, and we'd love to start getting to know you and your family! If you are considering enrolling your child into our academy, please click the button below to set up a tour and get in touch with our amazing staff. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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