our curriculum

Frog Street Curriculum – The Perfect Fit for Every Age and Every Stage

Frog Street is a comprehensive early learning program, for children of Infant age to Pre-K, that not only works with and for teachers, but parents as well. Frog Street was built on four key areas of early development: early brain development, intentional instruction, developmental learning domains, and social emotional learning. If you would like more information regarding our curriculum, please give us a call or check out Frog Street's official site here.

Conscious Discipline — Building Resilient Classrooms

“Discipline is not something you do to children; it is something you develop with them” – Dr. Becky Bailey

Conscious Discipline is a comprehensive social-emotional learning program where teachers first learn self-regulation and self-control and then in turn mentor it to children. Founded by Dr. Becky Bailey, Frog Street is the sole curriculum that has partnered and embedded this ideal into their programming. Conscious Discipline connects the head and the heart creating positive and healthy educational climates that foster and maintain optimal learning states. The three core components of the program are safety, connection and problem solving. To learn more please visit Dr. Becky Bailey’s website.

Want to learn more about the tenets of Conscious Discipline? Watch this video!

The Big Red Barn's Extracurriculars

At the Barn, we offer your kiddo a lot more than just plain old schoolwork!

Every child in our care will receive the opportunity to participate in eight different extracurricular activities that are built into our weekly curriculums. All ages, Infant through Pre-K, will be able to grow their creativity and widen their educational horizons through programs that include, but are not limited to: dance, music, movement, literature, and so much more! All extracurriculars are included in our flat rate tuition and no additional charges will be incurred, please click here to view our complete list of extracurriculars.