Brandon Lindsey | Lead Pre-K Teacher

“The future of the world is in my classroom today.” Ivan Fitzwater

I started my journey, as a before and after school aide during my senior year of high school which is when I realized my passion for education and how much of an impact having a positive male role model can have in an educational environment. I haven’t looked back.

With over five years experience in ECE, I bring a well rounded approach to the classroom by creating an engaging, supportive, and dynamic learning environment where every child can thrive. My experience raising my own child add a personal touch to my professional expertise, ensuring that I can connect with my students and their families on a deeper level.

Outside the classroom, I enjoy playing basketball, hiking, and exploring the outdoors. I LOVE sports and am always willing to try new things and I enjoy food. Any kind.

I am very excited for the opportunity to teach with The Big Red Barn family, always feel free to say Hello and I’m happy to answer any questions. I look forward to watching all the children reach their full potential.

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brandon lindsey

lead pre-k teacher