ages 6 weeks to 18 months

Planting the seed.

our journey

Here at The Big Red Barn, we believe that no infant can thrive without forming healthy relationships with caregivers, and no parent will survive without a caregiver they can trust. It is our promise that we will work tirelessly to gain your trust and your child's love. We will do so in a communication-rich environment that encourages open dialogue between families and our Big Red Barn team.

Our Daily Communication Portal will ensure that you never miss a beat when it comes to the care of your child. Daily updates will include live time updates of feedings, diaperings, naps, activities, milestones, and most importantly, pictures – LOTS and LOTS of pictures!

our infant curriculum

Building Strong Foundations

Frog Street Infants focuses on preparing your child for success throughout the Frog Street program's later curricula. Teachers will create a language-rich environment to encourage swift development during this crucial time for your child's speech acquisition. Stimulating independent and group activities alike will help your child hit milestones in four key learning domains – Physical Development, Cognitive Development, Language Development, and Social Emotional Development.

"It's never too early!"

From day one, we instill the idea in every child that getting dirty, and exploring their world on their own accord, is okay — something to be encouraged and fostered. By creating strong foundations and bonds in the classroom, children will be provided a safe space to begin growing a love for exploration.

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Frog Street for Infants!

Watch this short video to learn about what makes Frog Street for infants unique, and why we use it as standard curriculum at our Academy.

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