Alicia Harris | Lead Toddler Teacher

"The best way to gain God’s wisdom is by listening to His children."

My journey in Early childhood education started by watching my sister, Ashley Bouchard, live out her dream of working with children. I saw how much joy she was receiving and spreading, and I couldn’t help not to take notice. However, after high school, God took me on my own adventure about 800 miles away from my family to Texas to find myself, my passions, and Him.

After 7 years of living in Texas, getting a degree in University Studies with concentrations in early childhood education through 6th grade, Special Education, and health and human sciences-- I have finally made my way back to my hometown. I have gained more than 6 years of experience in education and childcare which has led me to find my passion of helping students find their voice, resilience, and confidence.

In my classrooms, I hold four main ideas and goals at the highest priority:

  1. The importance of building a foundation of love and resilience in children.
  2. All behavior is communication.
  3. Keep things messy (I have learned that children learn best through play and laughter, and as a teacher it is my job to light the spark of creativity and curiosity in every student!)
  4. God’s wisdom can be heard in even the quietest voices.

Students-no matter the age, desire to be loved, safe, and heard- three simple requests that seem to be consistently overlooked in our society. Children are the closest thing to God that we can get here on Earth and should be cherished and celebrated. I believe that we as adults must learn from God’s children because they have A LOT to say and A LOT to teach…. We as adults just must be willing to listen and learn from them as much as they listen and learn from us!

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alicia harris

lead toddler teacher