Clyde’s Corner | March 2024

Welcome to Clyde’s Corner 

We are entering our 3rd month of being open!! With each and everyone of you, we are so LUCKY! 🍀

A Few Updates | Reminders:

  1. Extracurriculars are now being implemented in our classrooms! Learn more about them here.
  2. We have added monthly extracurricular days to the event calendar on the parent board (across from the toddler room) if you or your kiddo(s) are ever curious on what’s next!
  3. Next week (March 4th – 8th we are doing a Dr. Suess Spirit Week! 📚🤗
    • Monday – Cat in the Hat! Wear a funny hat or red and white stripes!  
    • Tuesday – Fox in Socks! 🧦 Wear crazy socks! 
    • Wednesday – WaCky WeDneSdaY! 🤪 Wear silly clothes or turn them inside out or backwards!
    • Thursday – The Lorax! Wear a silly mustache! 
    • Friday – Oh, The Places You’ll Go! Dress up as what you want to be when you are you older!
  4. Parent Teacher Conferences will be held on Sunday March 24th from 9 AM – 1 PM. There will be a sign up sheet posted 2 weeks prior by your child’s classroom take home folders. We encourage all families to sign up for a time slot! This is a great opportunity to sit down with your child’s teacher and see where your child is at developmentally and what they are working on to reach those milestones!
  5. March Madness🏀Please check email for more details!
  6. This is our first month with student birthdays! 🥳 We encourage birthday celebrations in the classroom! If you would like to bring in any goodies, please keep in mind we are a nut-free facility and check with your child’s teacher about allergies in the classroom!

🍀Luck of the Irish🍀  

As always, NEVER hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.

Upcoming Staff Birthdays!🥳

Ms. Soraya | March 25

Ms. Ashley | March 28

Upcoming Student Birthdays!🎂

    Jack 3/9  |  Bash 3/5

                                               Abby 3/7 | Emmy 3/30




Staff Updates!

Please welcome Ms. Jessi as our Preschool/Pre-K Assistant Teacher to The Big Red Barn Family!

Clyde’s Corner Tidbit

You are doing AMAZING! Give yourself grace.