Clyde’s Corner | June 2024

Welcome to Clyde’s Corner 


We have a lot of fun events that we will be hosting for the month of June! 


  • Cookies with Mom was such a BLAST! There were sprinkles EVERYWHERE!
  • Looking for a Sitter? We have a few staff members who volunteered to be put on a sitter list for all parents! Please see the photo below!
  • We just celebrated our FIRST ever graduate of The Big Red Barn! Jacob Miller will go off to Kindergarten in the fall!                                                                        

Upcoming Events:

  • We have our Chipotle Fundraiser coming up on Tuesday June 11th from 5 – 9pm! This is a great opportunity to mingle with other parents and teachers! All funds raised will be going towards our grassy field area for the kiddos! Please share with your family and friends! *Must have code (RGM6HD3) or show flyer. 
  • Father’s Day Celebration will be on Friday June 14th from 3:30 – 4:30pm and we will be doing Floats with dad!
  • Kick Off to Summer BBQ We would like to invite all families to our first Kick Off to Summer BBQ! Come Hungry for food, games, and a good time! Saturday June 15th!
  • Field Day will be held on Wednesday June 19th from 9:30 – 11:30am. Mr. Colby will lead our day with runners race, jump rope, water balloon toss and more! We will provide pizza for all students that day. We encourage all parents to come out and cheer on the kids!
  • Parent’s Night Out – Saturday June 22nd from 5 – 9pm! You can sign up here!
  • We will be CLOSED on Thursday July 4th in observance of Independence Day! We will be open on Friday July 5th at normal operating hours. 
  • Summer Break Closure Last full week of July 7/22 – 7/26.

I Love You Rituals

Adapted from Conscious Discipline, I Love You Rituals are playful, one-on-one interactions that build loving bonds while increasing attention span, decreasing power struggles and promoting language and literacy at school or at home. These brain-building interactions facilitate optimal development for young children and create lifelong bonds between children and adults.

There will now be an I Love You Ritual on every newsletter! For that entire month, our teachers will be doing the same I Love You Ritual center wide! 🥰 You can also do these I Love You Rituals at home too!

This month, we are going to ease into it and go simple. Below is the I Love You Ritual “On Your Face” that we will be doing:

                                                       On Your Face 

“On your face you have a nose.

(Touch the child’s nose)

And way down here you have ten toes. 

(Starting with your hands on the Child’s shoulders, slide down the child’s arms and then touch or point to the child’s toes)

Two eyes that blink, 

(Touch the child on the temples next to his or her eyes)

And a head to think. 

(With both your hands, gently cradle the sides of the child’s head)

You have a chin and very near, 

(Touch the child’s chin)

You have two ears to help you hear. 

(Touch both ear lobes and whisper something short into the child’s ear. Some suggestions are, “I love you”, “I’m glad to see you”, “I’m glad you’re in my class”. )

Arms go high and arms go low 

[Arms go low and arms go high] 

(Grasp the child’s wrist and hold the arms high over their head; then bring them back down (or vice versa if you’re using the variant line))

A great big hug to say hello [to say good-bye] 

(Extend your arms and give the child a hug)

Variations: The last two lines can be changed as was indicated, depending on whether you are using the rhyme as a hello ritual or good bye ritual.

Here is a video example of this ritual. We encourage all families to practice these rituals at home as well!


At the end of the day, the most overwhelming

key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of the parents. 


As always, NEVER hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.

Staff Updates:

Welcome Ms. Maisey to our team as a Lead Preschool Teacher! We are so excited to see what she adds to the Barn!

Upcoming Student Birthdays!🎂

Lukas 6/4, Kenji 6/9, Harper 6/24


Our space is now available to rent! – Help us spread the word!

Are you looking for the perfect and private space to host your child’s birthday party? What about your weekend nanny share? Do you need a change of scenery? How about a fun parents night where you can hang at The Barn with your kiddos?

The options are literally ENDLESS! Please reach out if interested in our space. It is available any time on weekends and anytime after 6 on weekdays! Packages start as low as $250. We are a preschool by day, event center by night, and have 4 rooms available for rent, all purposed for different age groups from infants all the way to school aged kiddos. We also have 2 fenced outdoor play spaces available for rent! Contact us at [email protected] to get your event or night out scheduled today!

Clyde’s Corner Tidbit

“Every conflict presents you with a choice. You can choose to view conflict as an opportunity to teach or as an opportunity to blame and punish.” Dr. Becky A. Bailey