Staying Safe & Healthy During Flu Season

flu seasonYoung children who have just started in a childcare setting are more vulnerable to illness, especially during flu season. This is primarily because it may be their first time being exposed to certain germs. In addition, they may also be too young to receive recommended vaccines to help develop their immunity.  The flu is highly contagious, and it spreads easily. Flu season lingers around longer than you think. Active flu season runs from October through May. However, you can still catch the flu at any time throughout the year. When it comes to illnesses, teachers can’t prevent everyone from getting sick. However, they can practice these simple steps to help minimize the spread and prevent ourselves and others from getting sick.

Fighting Germs

Fighting and reducing germs is a lot easier than you think! It all starts with taking the time to teach your child how to properly wash hands, washing your own hands, blowing your nose, covering your cough or sneeze, and maintaining environment cleanliness. These simple practices go a long way towards fighting off germs and keeping them away, more importantly keeping you healthy.

Hand Washing

Did you know you can make hand washing fun? Simply singing a song like the ABC’s or Happy Birthday when washing your hands not only influences your child to sing and have fun, they will scrub their hands together to create lots of bubbles scrubbing off all those germs, while influencing a positive hygiene routine. For even better practices, try washing and singing with your child! Parent interaction will create more positive influences and overall set your child up for success.


Ahhhhchoooo! When you cough or sneeze, you always want to cough into your elbow or into a tissue. If not, all of those germs go flying into the air, putting others at risk of contamination. Always be sure to wash your hands after disposing your tissue. Parents and child care providers can do their part to stop germs by teaching and reminding children how and when to wash their hands and by mirroring how to cough or sneeze into their elbow.

How Sick is Too Sick?

When it comes to deciding whether or not you should keep your child home from school always think about these three things,

  • Does your child have a fever?
  • Does your child feel well enough to participate in usual activities?
  • Does your child need more care than teachers can give while still caring for the other children?

For more information on How Sick is Too Sick click here for a letter by the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment on when you should keep your child home from child care.

Stay Healthy This Flu Season

As caregivers we can’t prevent illnesses, however we can do our part by supporting ways like washing our hands, covering our coughs/sneezes, and maintaining overall cleanliness in our classrooms to help avoid the spread of germs. When we all do our part this flu season, it keeps our school family and our community healthy and strong. Contact us today if you have questions or concerns!