Why is Lakewood a good area to raise a family?

Lakewood, a wonderful community with the most amazing jaw dropping views of the Rocky Mountains! Not only is Lakewood a good area to raise a family, it is a wonderful place to plant your roots, there is affordable housing, a growing job market, access to outdoor recreation, and so much more that is offered in the Lakewood community. Here are more reasons why Lakewood is a great place to plant your roots and raise a family!

Big city advantage with a small town feel

Lakewood neighborhoods provide that urban suburban feel. With a smaller population compared to Denver and nearby cities, Lakewood gives you that big city advantage with all of the shops, outdoor activities, lots of restaurants (mostly family owned), and so much more! Just 20 minutes outside downtown Denver, Lakewood’s community gives all that small town feel!

Popular Neighborhoods in Lakewood

When it comes to finding the perfect neighborhood to raise a family, what is it that you look for? The certain way a neighborhood looks and feels when walking down the sidewalk or driving down the street, is the most important aspect of finding your forever home.Here’s a guide to a few of the most popular neighborhoods in Lakewood featuring some of their notable and unique characteristics!

  • Applewood: A suburban neighborhood that is so diverse and welcoming as soon as you turn onto any street!
  • Green Mountainside: Nestled alongside the Red Rocks plains is a suburban neighborhood that has a higher concentration of married couples, you are sure to find other couples who share a similar lifestyle and perhaps common interests.
  • Green Mountain: A suburban neighborhood not too close to major cross streets but tucked away just enough that you can find an enviable mix of spacious homes, relatively stable real estate values, and diverse group of residents.
  • West Gate: An urban neighborhood that is made up of medium to large sized single-family homes and townhomes. This neighborhood has some really cool things about the way it looks and feels as it gives off that small town feel.
  • Belmar Park / Sun Valley: Known as a suburban neighborhood, and one of the most lively neighborhoods in Lakewood. Belmar Park / Sun Valley features downtown Lakewood known as Belmar, lots of shops, restaurants, businesses, ect. In this neighborhood you will find two large parks, Addenbrooke park that has so much space for kiddos and our furry friends to explore, and of course, Belmar Park which is a 20th century historical park , museum, and hosts festival experiences that celebrates the Lakewood Community!

School Systems and Ratings

There are over 120 Public schools and throughout the Lakewood community for those looking to raise a family! Did you know that Lakewood has some “of the top-rated public schools based on a variety of measures, including academic performance and equity”. Not only does Lakewood have a variety of public schools, you can find over 50 private schools, 70 preschools, and Colorado Christian University! In fact, The Big Red Barn is among one of the preschools located in Lakewood! To find out more about schools in Lakewood, visit this link.

So Why Choose Lakewood

Not only do you have access to employment opportunities, best views of the Rocky Mountains, a taste of both worlds with that big city advantage with that small town feel, and so much more! Take a trip down to Lakewood and see it for yourself! Do you want to plant your roots and raise a family here? I sure do!