3 Day Potty Training Method

So, you think your child is ready for potty training? That is very exciting and a huge milestone for you and your little one! There are many different potty training techniques and the three day potty training method is not designed for everyone, it is not a “one size fits all” but this is one method that has shown a lot of success in getting your kiddo introduced to potty training in just three days! 

What is the three day potty training method? potty training

The three-day potty training method calls for your child to go diaper and pants-free for three days in the house as they get used to going to the potty. The idea is that by having your child naked from the waist down, will help them tune into their bodily cues. When they tune in, they would then be able to recognize that ‘Oh! I need to go sit on the potty’. And yes, there will be accidents, but it is hard to ignore a stream of pee if kids can see it puddling on the kitchen floor! 

Ideally, you and your toddler will stay home for three days as much as possible to allow them to go pants-free for the entire time. Parents can choose any uninterrupted three-day period for this potty training method. However, because it does require lots of patience, time and effort, this method is suggested to begin on a long weekend. Here are ten tips on how to successfully survive the long weekend ahead of you. 

10 Tips to the 3 Day Potty Training Method 

  1. Collect your supplies – You can use a potty chair that sits on the floor or if you’re using a toilet, grab a footstool to help support your child and perhaps a toilet insert may be beneficial.
  2. Be the example – Show your child how to use the potty, whether you use a potty doll, a book, or you do it yourself. This helps ease the scaries.
  3. Start the day on the potty – First thing is to get up with your toddler in the morning and go straight to the potty. From then on, your child will go pants free for the remainder of the day.
  4. potty trainingUnderwear time (optional) –  If you don’t want your child to be completely naked from the waist down, try underwear! Have your child pick out their underwear to help build their confidence, and most importantly to have fun while doing it. It also makes them feel as if they are stepping into that next stage of being a ‘big kid’.
  5. Quick on your feet –  Toddlers are still learning to be aware of when their body needs to go, keep a close eye to notice those cues they will give off before needing to use the potty.
  6. Reminders – Constantly and gently remind them to use the potty and always go sit on the potty even when they don’t need to go.
  7. Celebrate the small things – This is a new learning process, help be a positive guide. You can show encouragement in ways like a high five when they go to the potty without a reminder, or excitement and praise when they master a new potty training skill.
  8. Keep cool – Accidents will happen, it’s inevitable. Remain calm, acknowledge it by saying “Oh it looks like you had an accident, let’s get it cleaned up. Remind your child to look for and listen to their bodily cues and to let you know when they have to go.
  9. Patience is the key – This is a new learning curve for both you and your child, give yourself grace and always see it through.
  10. End the day on the potty – Just like starting their day on the potty, you want to end their day by sitting on the potty. Showing them the routine of going to the potty at regular times will help them build good habits and might help prevent some night-time accidents, too.

At the End of the Day 

Keep in mind that any potty training method, including the 3 day potty training method takes time and by starting the process, it kicks off and lays a positive foundation for your child, be sure to keep open communication with your child’s caregivers so that they can continue the process at school. The best thing to do during this time is to approach the potty training with an open mind, positivity, and patience. Every child will learn differently and at different paces. Whether you decide to give the 3 day potty-training method or another method a shot, you can use these tips to be successful! Don’t forget to celebrate the small things, even if it’s getting to the potty but not making it in the toilet. Happy potty training!