Clyde’s Corner | March 2024

Welcome to Clyde’s Corner

 Happy Luck of the Irish Month!!!

We are now entering our 3rd month of being open! We are so lucky to have such a wonderful team!

We’ve had a lot of illnesses this past month, and with that, a lot of absences, please be understanding that somedays aren’t going to go as planned and it can get crazy, and that’s okay! There may be extra staff in rooms that are within ratio, we will need to utilize them in rooms that need extra support. Keeping in mind that as Admin, we are always going to support you, hear you, and communicate to you to the best of our abilities however, please note that every classroom see themselves as their own island, but outside of your classroom, another classroom may be struggling or vise versa. We encourage you all to shift your mindset that we are one community and not separate islands. Support from the entire center as a whole is what will make The Big Red Barn difference come to life! We will continue to go through growing pains as we are a brand new center just trying to create a perfect program! This will take a while and we appreciate the role that you all play in that, we couldn’t do it without you♥️

Monthly Updates | Reminders:

  1. Dr. Seuss Day is March 2nd, We will be doing a Dr. Seuss Spirit week March 4-8! That schedule will be posted today! You do not need to wear your BRB shirts as long as you are participating in the spirit week theme day!
  2. Knowing your numbers is VITAL!! Admin will be asking at random what your numbers are. Be prepared!
  3. Clocking in/out – it is important that you are in our classrooms at the time of your scheduled shifts. You never know when that first kiddo is going to come in, as well as transitions taking place. Also, please only punch in five minutes before your shift.
  4. We should be sanitizing toys during nap. A quick spray down to help prevent the spread of germs. Nap time is a great time to get things done like cleaning (sweeping, helps closing teacher, sanitizing door handles), planning, setting up afternoon activities, etc.
  5. Accident bags are not allowed to be accessible to kids in their cubbies! Toddlers, okay in their backpack as long as it’s zipped up. PS/PreK, not allowed in cubbies, place soiled clothing in bag tied up, label it with their first and last name, put it on top storage in the bathroom. Always let parents know in BW that there is an accident bag to grab at pickup.
  6. Outdoor play should involve you! Really engage with your students, play with them, walk the playground. Also, you should be trying to do curriculum outdoors as much as possible! You can also do lunch and snack outside on nice days! ☀️
  7. St. Patrick’s Day is March 17th (Sunday) – You can still do activities with your kiddos that week! There is so much to do! Get creative and have! Here are some ideas:
    • How to Catch a Leprechaun is a FUN book to read / activities to do. Like building a leprechaun trap in the morning (*STEAM*) and during nap or outside time, a “leprechaun” pays your classroom a visit!
    • Lucky Charms! – Art projects, sensory table, ect. (*Makes a fun snack!)
    • Math – counting clovers
    • Water colors, food coloring, ect.
  8. This is our first month with student birthdays! 🥳 we have a birthday sign, please grab morning of for a special birthday photo! Parents are allowed to bring sweet treats/bday celebrations – no nuts/awareness of allergies in the classroom. Parents are aware of this. 
  9. Please make sure you are doing your diligence and look at the calendar for any due dates, observations, meetings, special events, etc.
  10. There is a required Staff Meeting on Tuesday March 12th, 6 – 8 PM.
  11. Parent Teacher Conferences will be held on Sunday March 24th, from 9 AM – 1 PM, there will be a sign up sheet posted by each classrooms take home folders. This is a requirement for all staff and will be paid day of work. Lead teachers will be conducting these conferences. Assisting teachers/floats, this will time will be for hanging out watching the kiddos, trainings, deep cleaning, curriculum prep, etc.
  12. March 29th Easter Egg Hunt 🐰🐣 

Staff Upcoming Birthdays!🥳

Soraya | March 25

Ashley | March 28

Student Upcoming Birthdays!🎂

Infants: Jack 3/9   Toddlers: Bash 3/5  Preschool: Abby 3/7,  Emmy 3/30

Staff Updates

Please Welcome Ms. Jessi as our Preschool | Pre-K assistant teacher! We are so glad you joined our team!





Clyde’s Corner Tidbit

Keep the kiddo’s excited and engaged by changing out activities and rotating toys!

We have an amazing light table that no one has utilized yet, get creative!