Clyde’s Corner | December 2023

Welcome to Clyde’s Corner and Happy New Year!

What a wonderful first two weeks we have had! Everyone was on top of everything. Thank you for working with the craziness of trying to get everything figured out so opening day was perfect. Spirit week was awesome due to the wonderful participation you all put into it! We could not have done it without each and everyone of you.

A few reminders for when we get back in January:

  1. Frog Street curriculum will start January 2nd. Please make sure you have your teaching plans ready to go.
  2. Since we are starting our regular program please stick as close as possible to the schedule for your classroom.
  3. Just a reminder that snacks are only for the children who are present at snack time.
  4. Please make sure you wipe down the sinks at night after spraying with disinfectant. You may have to scrub a little as there are lots of spots and streaks. They just look dirty if we do not wipe them down well enough.
  5. Please when wearing your Big Red Barn shirts make sure that they are visible. These are to be worn Monday through Thursday.
  6. PLEASE, PLEASE! Make sure when using the doors in the basement that you LOCK them behind you.
Christmas Party!!

4pm – 8pm January 6th
Green Mountain Brewery 2585 S. Lewis Way Lakewood, CO 80227
a plus one is included

Staff Updates!

Welcome Ms. Hailey as the

Official Lead Teacher in Porcupettes!


And welcome Ms. Jean

to The Big Red Barn Family!

Clyde’s Corner Tidbit

Eye contact is key!!

Engage and Watch THEIR world evolve.