Clyde’s Corner | April 2024

Welcome to Clyde’s Corner

Happy Spring

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THAT YOU DO!! WE COULD NOT DO IT WITHOUT EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU! We are so grateful and we do not take anyone of you for granted. For being a brand new center, and having those roller coaster days, we can not thank you enough for being flexible, coming together and working as a team! We are building such a wonderful community and work family! ♥️

Monthly Updates | Reminders:

  1. Scavenger Hunt Question follow up:
    • Infant floor temp. 68°
    • Wash hands upon entering a new room
    • Scavenger Hunt Winners – Daisy and Soraya! 🥳 Please see admin. for prize!
  2. Dress Code: BRB Shirts, Faith, or Teacher shirts are now acceptable M-T and needs to be visible! Friday’s are still free days, but keep it professional as Admin. can send you home to change.
  3. Please be more engaging on the playgrounds! Get out there and get dirty!! (not literally but literally)🤣
  4. It is staying lighter a lot longer so continue to work on closing your classrooms quicker as students are staying later. We are almost at full capacity, and we may no longer get 45 minutes to close rooms.
    • Clean items during nap time
    • If you have 2 or more teachers, UTILIZE them!
    • Begin to close your room between 4:30 – 5 PM so all that’s left is spraying toys, mopping and vacuuming. Everything else can get done with students in the room
  5. Remember to use 2 hands when mopping. You cannot scrub the floor unless you are putting your back into it!
  6. We introduced all extracurriculars this past month! Tiny Tots Dance, Tiny Green Thumbs, and Creative Critters went so well! Every classroom had a blast!
  7. Extracurriculars are now posted for the month! Be sure to check out the Calendar, this week, we have Storytime with the Librarian on Monday and Running Rascals on Wednesday!
  8. Running Rascals will be held every Wednesday! Colby was so generous to carve out time every week for us!
  9. Storytime with the Librarian will take place the first Monday of every month!
  10. The Easter Egg Hunts went so well!  🐰🐣 
  11. We will be hosting a “Staff Day Out” on Sunday April 21st at 1:30pm.
    • Painting with a Twist – Cocktail | Mocktail
    • Dom has offered to Host! – more details will go out closer to the date via GroupMe!
    • All supplies will be provided, but if you would like to make a cocktail/mocktail to share you’re more than welcomed to!

 Upcoming Birthdays!🥳

Staff 🎂

Cheryl | April 26th

Students 🎂

Greyson 4/8, Lincoln 4/9

Clyde’s Corner Tidbit

Music instruments helps the kiddo’s fine motor skills.

Have them explore, dance and make new tunes!